February 25, 2012

Summer fun!

Well, since I can't tolerate hot weather very well, I usually have a loathing for summer time and heat waves!  But I'm pleased to say, after moving to the country, the weather has been so much kinder!  I've actually enjoyed some good times this season....sitting out late and watching the stars...hearing the crickets chirping....watching the dragonflies fly madly around our pond, dipping their tails in for a splash.....and of course, those delicious cool sea breezes that come through in the afternoon after a hot day, isn't that one of life's blissful moments :)

Here are a few photos from our trip to Beachport, my goodness the water is so beautiful you feel like you are stepping into a picture postcard, it was truly awe inspiring, especially on the scenic cliffs drive.  Pippin loved the beach too, running and playing, he is one happy puppy once again.  And now, I must think about getting back into my soft sculpture work!  I have been quietly working away at some Easter bunny creations, soon to be released!

  Cliffs, scenic drive....

Happy end of Summer time southern hemisphere friends, and winter time to my northern hemisphere friends :)


  1. Hi Sarah, I know what you mean about Beadchport. My 2 girls go down there every year with their families. They have been doing that for 14 years.
    We are having a stinker at the moment 40deg. I don't like it.

  2. Hi Kay :) It is so pretty isn't it :) There were loads of holiday places, so it must be popular. It was pretty quiet when we went though, just for the day. Oh dear, are you 40 up there still! We only got 32 at the Mount today, although it hasn't been a nice day at all, and we are expecting storms tonight! I bet we'll have thunder too. Keep cool!! Hugs X Sarah

  3. Such lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm also one who barely tolerates Summer (but enjoying our Winter right now!) Maybe I need to move too. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing your bunnies.

  4. Thanks so much Laura! Oh maybe you need to move down here ;) We can play all day then teehee :)
    Hugs Sarah


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