June 29, 2009

Two new bears on Ebay

Bella and Edward, taken from the romantic couple of the Twilight series, Bella was quite shy at first, but Edward won her over, see my web site for more piccies of the two and their first meeting.... http://members.ozemail.com.au/~jbbears/lil'spooks/lil'spooks.htm
Both available on Ebay,

June 28, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks so much to Melanie Clark from Melbears and also Rosey Day for giving me this award :)

There are a few questions I have to answer now:

What is your current obsession?

My vampire bears, my dog, and going shopping!

What is your horoscope and do you relate to it?

I'm a sagitarius and am 100% sagitarian lol

What are you wearing today?

Tracky dacks and jumper, socks and big pink ugg boots with sparkly beads sewn on the front (its cold!)

What was the last thing you bought?


What is your favorite Holiday?

Christmas, I'm a big kid at heart and love the sparkle and happiness of the occasion...singing, decorating, cooking, shopping, presents, lights happy happy happy :) My puppy lays out cookies and milk for Santa ;)

A guilty pleasure?

Tim Tams

What is your must have item for Summer?

airconditioning ;)

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would it be?

France, Belgium or England...to a quaint old world shopping street.

What is your favourite piece of clothing from your closet?

My pyjamas ;)

What is your dream job?

To own a craft or gift store in some quaint old world shop in Europe, or work in disney land ;)

What is your favourite drink?

Tea, with milk, no sugar.

Describe your personal style?

Enthusiastic...Happy....Not afraid to be me.

What are you going to do after this?

List two bears on Ebay hopefully

What are your favourtie past-times and hobbies?

facebook, blogging, web design, photograpy, creating critters, my puppy, soaking up the sun and feeling the cool breeze now its glorious winter :)

What are you proud of?

Being able to find peace and still being able to ground myself and be happy in a stressful world...All the hard work I've put into my business and not giving up.

Have you got pets at home?

Yes, a doggie called Pippin, he's a Papillon. I also have two rat bag Jack Russell girls, and my sisters Westie x Maltese and kitty cat live with us too!

So I am to tag 7 others.

Those to follow are to answer the questions on the blog and replace one question that they dislike and make one of their own up.

Have fun!!! Huggies XX

June 7, 2009

Unmasking my critters from the online show!

I'm finally able to display my bears and critters from The Black and White masked Online show held last week...
Here is little Little Puppy Milo, 4 inches OOAK in a series
Eddie 4 inches OOAK in a series

Little kitten Moppet, 4 inches, OOAK in a series, still available for adoption, $150 AUD

Check out my web site for more information or please email me.

I was also very happy to be chosen by Kathy Martin from Teddy Bear Scene as a nominee with my bear Abby!

June 4, 2009


Ruth from Flutter By Bears has just given me a "Makes My Heart Smile" blog award.  Thank you so much sweetie, yes, I know, my pictures of Pippin had nothing to do with it ;)  LOL   I'm new to blogging and didn't know this award existed until now so am delighted :) 
 Here are the rules :

1. The winner may post the logo on their blog.
2.Put a link to the person who sent the award to you.
3. Nominate 10 blogs.
4.Put a link to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees .

I will be passing "Makes My Heart Smile" on to these beary nice friends :)

Karen Alderson Dolls and Bears - Karen

Bumpkin Bears - Catherine

Louise Peers - Louise

Ellen Borggreve Designs - Ellen

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