February 25, 2015

bickies for breakie...

I did a bit of baking this morning, these are yummo, even if I do say so myself.   I always find this healthy type of baking so much easier than the conventional method, no rubbing butter into crumbs and all that hard stuff lol So it's not a daunting task to do before lunch, plus it's not bad for me, it tastes as good, no, better actually, but there is no guilt involved, fantastic!

I created the recipe to taste like a fruity oat biscuit but of course they have no oats, no grains, vegan too, with lots of coconut products, fruit and nuts.. all good stuff for my anti inflammatory diet.  I like to have something healthy but easy, a little sweet and yummy, on hand to eat in the morning, nicer still if it has some crunch to enjoy with my coffee. These little bickies are perfect!  They took about an hour for me to prepare, would be faster for a able bodied person. I go on to freeze them and take them out the night before.  They last me ages! 


1 cup dates pitted and chopped

1/2 cup sultanas 

1 cup walnuts chopped 

1/2 cup ground almonds 

1/2 cup ground cashews

2/3 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1 teaspoons cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground ginger (optional) 

1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt

1/3 cup maple syrup 

1 teaspoon vanilla bean extract

Water to combine if needed

Mix in fruit with the rest of the dry ingredients well

Then add the wet ingredients and combine. I do this all with my hands, arthritis means I can't use spoons to mix, but there is always a way, and it's a much funner way Hehe! Squish! Lol

Plop spoonfuls onto a baking tray and press down, there is no butter or gluten in these so they will bake exactly how you place them. 

Bake in a preheated oven at 160 C for 20 minutes. Yuuuummmmm! 

Makes 24 good sized biscuits. 

Hope you enjoy!  xx S 

February 20, 2015

natural baby wipes for my baby...

My furbaby, is just like his mama, very sensitive lol.  Poor little guy is always inflamed, itchy and has spots on his little tummy. I've tried so many things to ease this problem... I think it's grass allergy really. But another thing is he has long fur, so I use baby wipes to wipe his little doodah and tushy.  That was before I read how many chemicals and pretty nasty things go into the commercial baby wipes!

So research on my never fail Pinterest and I found a great coconut oil baby wipes recipe! So, I made it yesterday and it is working well so far and better than the commercial brands, yep, better! Fancy that!

So all you do is use a brand of paper toweling that works when wet. Put in a container, I unraveled my roll while pushing it into my container. Then in a separate cup, I melt a small amount of my natural homemade soap, (ends up being about 1 tablespoon), mix in to 1 1/2 to 2 cups of warm water with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a couple drops of tea tree oil to keep things fresh. Viola!

Pip doesn't look below and scratch after I've wiped him,  and it is so much easier to clean that skirt and tail after he goes number twos!

And hopefully we'll have one completely happy puppy soon!

UPDATE...he is now practically itch free!!! But we have also washed all his bedding and carpets in a natural solution of vinegar and baking soda.  Story to follow shortly!!  We have been busy bees lol!

February 12, 2015

next stage of my wellness journey...

Part one...

Take a look at this! Took the first photo on the 24th Jan...this type of swelling was my normal for nearly two decades, not only hands but feet, and any other joint the arthritis affected, in the end it was easier to name the joints that weren't affected lol.  I haven't had this type of severe swelling for about a year since I changed my life to the healing, holistic way. So why the recurrence?  I knew I'd been worsening since late December, feeling bad had became an every day normal again, since Christmas, not only joints, but whole body inside and out...breathing, thinking, whole system overwhelmed once more, basically gone back to my old way of living, only doing the daily basics, survival mode...struggling. I had to shut my life down again..  except...I used whatever strength I had to kept up with my healing plan as much as I could.

The next photos taken on the 5th Feb....wow! And I've been stable since in the joints. Don't get me wrong I still feel arthritic pain, still have stiffness, and still find it hard to do many things, I have many many wrinkles to iron out in my life still, and I have a lot of really bad lifetime damage done to my body... it will take time, each step forward and each lesson learned, each ah ha moment is momentous!

I can almost get my fingers interlaced all the way again. Maybe the knuckles will go down eventually.  And prayer pose, you have no idea how happy I was to be able to do this!

So to answer the question, what went wrong? We had a visitor over for three weeks.. who wore perfume and or body and room sprays. I think now so many symptoms I lived with that made me feel like I was wading through a pool of head deep brown sludge, are gone, I'm noticing things that cause me misery so obviously, and one by one, fixing them. So, I had done nothing different to my original wellness plan, but stop contact with the perfumes and sprays that I'd been exposed over that previous month...that's it. It wasn't until I had a re-exposure and got REALLY sick that the light bulb went off!

It has been a real wake up call, a glimpse back to what my life used to be like...and quite confronting when I look at the photos. Especially remembering what it was like to wake up with this every morning, I know the moment my body does its little wake up movements, it startles me into semi wakefulness and my first thoughts are... ouch..this is going to be painful..and may hurt a little too.. lol! My thoughts when going to sleep through this last flare were quite fearful, knowing what waking would be like..a little sad really that it used to be so normal to me, I'd just accepted it and desensitised...

Part two...

What is often the worst, and most debilitating to cope with because it can totally isolate me for ages... The brain fog, migraines, sensory overload, eyesight disturbance...nausea... I know it has to be a side effect too and will subside again, but once more, I lived this way always, I know it really hit around age 14, around the time I got psoriasis and was really sick with pleurisy. I was always sick, but the brain fatigue stuff, I never even picked up on it being unusual until now, again, it ALL went away for about 80 % of the time over the last year. Oh my gosh I could see, I could think, I felt alive!  Came back with a bang with this flare, wow, that NOT normal... I didn't even realise how not normal it was! I am wondering if my symptoms are just a fog, sensory overload or migraine... I'm pretty sure now I have had migraines my whole life since I was a teenager without knowing it... for over 10 years I lived on a cocktail medication mix that makes me want to puke just thinking about it... but the point is, any pain would have been masked, but I had migraine symptoms always... I mentioned it to the doctors who always brushed it aside because of my bigger problems.

I've only had this halo twice...  But have had many of the headaches below... Plus right eye pains.. Eye smudges... Hmmm. 

So I guess at this point it is getting better, too slowly for my liking! As you can see the dates of the photos it has taken me ages to write this, but today I am feeling quite a lot better and gotten the majority of it down to share.  It's not the pain so much as the looking at the screen and seeing it like that first visual picture lol, plus it's all way too bright, my words come out back to front from the cognitive dysfunction, even with voice recognition one sentence takes ten minutes and I want to throw up and cry by then...  Really I'm stopping thinking about exact name of my conditions, I just know I made it better with my life changes... and I will make it better again.

So we are stepping up my wellness plan, now I realise how much an influence chemicals have we are overhauling our whole household cleaning, washing....everything routines!  We already were careful with perfumes and strong smelling things, but there is way way more work! I'm imagining I'll be feeling a whole lot better in a months time!  Until the next learning phase...which I don't really fear because I know it will help me iron out more wrinkles.

So, anyway, wow! This is why I will never give up, what keeps the truth of it all shiny and bright in front of me and keeps me over enthusiastic lol, sometimes I don't understand the process,  but I'm certainly keeping faith in it!  I remember the first time my hands looked good, just over a year ago now, I was in hysterics of happiness, squealing, disbelief, crying... it was a miracle... and feeling this way in my head again after it basically going away... honestly...I don't ever want to go back to living like that and I know I have the power to not only feel better, but thrive and do everything I ever wanted to do...all in good time... I sometimes feel like I'm jumping the hurdles, I miss most, but as I'm going down my brain is spinning with plans on how I can make the jump next time around.

Lucky for me all I ever wanted to do when I was young was work in the nutritional, naturopathic medical field, helping people, so working all of this out in myself is sort of my dreams turning back on me...there was a plan lol It all fascinates me, and my underlying passion spurs me on and in turn hopefully inspire others, even just a little and be able to help if I can, and maybe what I wanted to do when I grew up won't be far from the mark.

It really reinforces and refocuses my belief that it is EVERYTHING around us that can help or harm and we have not only the power, but a huge role to play in maintaining our own well-being. I don't think the learning will ever stop, but, I think it's amazing, and so encouraging, and at this moment I'm even more determined and inspired!

Thanks for taking the time to read xx S

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