July 24, 2015

Time to make toothpaste!

It was time to make another batch of my homemade toothpaste today :-) honestly I haven't been feeling the best the past week, after forgetting to order licorice root and going without for ten days, well even though I'm on full steroidal replacement, I  now know what a difference licorice has made in my adrenal disease! I still needed to brush my teeth, and there was no way I was using commercially made toothpaste so I had to make some!

I've tried various recipes, and of course this is always the best thing to do and then you can tweak your own personal recipe that works best for you :-) for me, baking soda was a big no no, and so many recipes call for baking soda. It changed the whole PH level of my mouth, gave my tongue a horrible coating. Using too much essential oils gave me blisters. This recipe I make seems to be just right :-) I've made it 3 times over and wouldn't change it a bit now.

I start off using a special blend of essential oils, that are great to fight off nasties, and keep my mouth fresh. I keep it in a jar on its own so it's handy when I need to make more toothpaste.  If you don't want to do this to begin with you can easily just use peppermint oil on its own.  Check below for the recipe.

Next you want to make the toothpaste :-)  this is really easy and blends together really well. I have tried a recipe without coconut oil, and because there was no carrier oil for the essential oils to mix with, the oil went straight to the delicate skin in my mouth and burnt it pretty badly, so the oil is very important. The paste is pretty solid when it cools down,  so I decided to put it into my chocolate moulds, and then into a jar, and all I do is bite off a little bit before I brush my teeth, you only need a small amount, pea size, let it dissolve in my mouth and swish it around my teeth before brushing and rinsing :-)

If you do want to place the paste in little jars, it's easy to pop the jar in some warm water before use to soften and then use it like normal paste on the brush.

 The clay draws out impurities while the essential oils and coconut oils freshen and get rid of bacteria.  It is different from regular toothpaste, it will feel different in your mouth but is so much better, your teeth and mouth feel amazing, I don't have dry lips or tongue or any of the nasties that come along with regular toothpaste. Plus my teeth are white! I always had coffee or tea stains on my teeth and had to go to the dentist to take them off or use one of those peroxide teeth whiteners that ruin the enamel on your teeth and don't really work anyway! I couldn't believe that this brown mud paste made my teeth white and my gums healthy, my mouth feels great :-)

The recipe is just below, the only rule is to not use metal spoons or dish with the clay.  Also, experiment with the amount of essential oil you put in the paste, start with a little, taste and increase if you need to .  Remember with essential oils less is better :-) Give it a go and when you become more confident you can make some of your own flavours, how about cinnamon and orange, or choc mint or vanilla :-)

Any questions please ask 😊

Toothpaste recipe

1/3 cup bentonite clay

3 tablespoons melted coconut oil

1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt

10-15 drops essential oil toothpaste blend

7-10 drops peppermint essential oil


In a separate jar mix this recipe and then you use only 10-15 drops of this blend in your toothpaste recipe.

Essential oil toothpaste blend recipe

8 drops clove oil

72 drops lemon oil

40 drops cinnamon Cassia Oil

32 drops eucalyptus oil

20 drops Rosemary oil

July 23, 2015

Yay for yummy healthy treats!

My loving earth www.lovingearth.net yummies arrived yesterday, can't speak high enough of this company! Even their packaging is printed with vegetable inks, and the "plastic" wrapper is home compostable! When I opened the box I thought theyd used polystyrene peanuts to pack, but nope they melt down in water! Excellent. To the food lol, yum! It's all stuff I can eat, mainly coconut products and cashews, flavoured with essential oils. Oh yum! When you make your own everything, this is so nice to have on hand! The buckinis are great for some crunch. The vanilla bean is divine, never getting the extract again! So worth the money when you consider the paste in the shop is only 47% vanilla. OK... On to the nectar, low gi, full of minerals, non inflammatory, unlike cane sugar, and in comparison to cane sugar, coconut trees produce 50-75%more sugar per acre but use less than 1/5th of the soil nutrients and water. So many ways we can make ourselves healthier and help the earth recover while sustaining us too. Anyone else know of some amazing earth friendly health friendly places?

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