July 16, 2011

Whale adventures......

Humpback Whale

Here in South East Australia, we are lucky enough to have two whale watching seasons....In the winter, down at Portland, we have nearly daily sightings of the Humpback Whale, and also Southern Right Whales. I've been a nature lover for as long as I can remember, so seeing these beautiful creatures up close is something I've been eager to do for a long time...So, down we headed for a day trip to Portland...and of course, this day the whales are shy!! Today there have been two sightings of groups of both whales! So, we'll just have to persevere and go down a few more times to try and catch a glimpse! Anyway, we had a nice trip down, and saw a lot of other scenery to make it worth the trip!
Southern Right Whale
Portland Bay's lighthouse, where many whales are spotted.
No, we saw no whales, but, we saw wind turbines! On our trip to Cape Nelson, we came across all of these! They are huge! And quite scary when they pop up on the side of the road, or seemingly in your path at the end of a windy road....it felt like we were in a computer game and had to make a counted out run for it to get to the other side lol

Pip was a happy traveller :)
Next stop on our way to Cape Nelson a pretty look out, look at that rock layering!

Pretty beach with so many white waves! Up to Cape Bridgewater lookout and the Blowholes
The Blowholes, Pip poses naturally :) The sea was beautiful here, so vast...

The Blowholes were spectacular! The way the waves swooshed about looked so pretty, so many colours of blue.....the rest of the sea was so calm and tranquil...

The clifftop walk....and the petrified forest! We were soo excited to think these were trees from millions of years ago....but, no.....read further and you will see our disappointment...

Still pretty cool though huh ;)

So...maybe next time we will find some whales....or maybe when I buy a super zoom lens.... ;)

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