June 15, 2011

Cake day and a Blue Pixie!

Well its certainly been a busy week! Yesterday was my puppy's birthday, my sweet boy turned 4! And of course he was spoiled rotten, and had a special cake made just for him, gingerbread so it wouldn't upset a wee boys tummy, and enjoyable for his humans too :)

And today I finished my blue Pixie bear! I had originally intended for her to be complete along
with the release of my first two Pixie's, but, time got away from me! I must admit, I think she is very sweet, even in her blue colour! I am very much a pink shades girl, and the blues are foreign territory to me so I am always asonished when I like my blue bears so much! My sister and I always joked that I was the pink fairy from Disneys Sleeping Beauty, and her the blue! I would make everything pink in the world, her blue, such fun to have a sister you can be young at heart with :)

Anyway....here are some photos! And please check out little Rani's link on Bear Pile, http://www.bearpile.com/item/45871 she is looking for a new home!!


June 4, 2011

Inspiration hits...

Well it didn't take long for my room to inspire me! I have been working on a brand new bear design, size and fabric. Sassy mini bear plush is amazingly versatile and what I find exciting is the range of vivid colours it is available in, perfect for my storybook style of creations. It is so super soft, its hard to stop stroking it! I've also shaved an inch off of my usual sizing and changed my design a little. I love the teeny size of these little bears and how nice they snuggle into my hand!

Here are my new little Pixies! Meet Violetta and Astrid, these girls are the first of my new 3 inch design! Both pixies will be up for adoption at the special introduction price of $130 USD! (Usual price will be $145 USD)
If you would like another colour Pixie, you can also custom order in the next week for this special
(Most colours available, but subject to availability.)

The girls couldn't resist a combined photo shoot :)

Violetta is on her way to California to enjoy the sunshine :) It is bucketing down here! Lucky girl :)

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