August 29, 2010

And a fairy to bring magic to my new studio....

I just haaaad to make a fairy bear to "christen" my new work space with fairy dust, magic, sparkle, and glitter, glitter glitter!! You know how that stuff goes eeeeverywhere when you use it hehe, nothing like getting some sparkly glitter into the carpets and corners to really get the magic flowing! And so here is little Elspeth, she is 4 inches tall, made with dusty lilac tipped mohair, hand made posable wings, Swarovski's from top to toe (literally hehe) She is available to adopt through Bear Pile, please click here... Creating her really helped me get settled in my new studio. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and for all your lovely comments, they really mean a lot to me, big bloggy hugs!!

August 13, 2010

Exciting news!!

On top of all the excitement of moving house, after a week of being internet-less, I turned on to find out that my little bear Pip, had been placed on the front cover of Teddy Bear Review!! I am so thrilled beyond words, many thanks to all the lovely people at TBR who thought my little bear worthy, thank you so much!!!

Escape to the Country!

We finally did it!! After a year of umming and ahhing we found a perfect place to settle in the South East of Australia, Mount Gambier. I truly didn't think we would ever actually move, and it has been a mammoth job, but the heat of summer in Adelaide was getting too extreme for all of us to cope with any longer. We wanted a healthier and easier life, and Mt Gambier offers it all, scenery, milder weather and no water restrictions mean beautiful green gardens, my green thumbs can't wait to get planting :) The city has also has all the conveniences of modern life (all the fast food joints are here lol), mixed with many quaint country stores makes shopping (and eating out) delightful! A few minutes out of the city centre and you're back amongst rolling hills and pine trees....beautiful! I'm so glad we made the decision!!

So, now we are here, I'm unpacking all of my work boxes, and hopefully I'll have some new little Jellybelly Bears ready to be adopted soon! I can't wait to get back into my work! But moving house comes along with lots of work before the fun can start ;) I hope to decorate my sewing room as prettily as my old one, but of course it will be different and that will take some getting used to. But I promise, as soon as it is ready, I'll show you around :)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, have a great weekend!

The Blue Lake, in the dead of winter so I can't wait to take shots when it's really Blue!
Lovely to see so much greenery!

Our coastline

Gonzales navigated the way to our new home!

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