August 29, 2010

And a fairy to bring magic to my new studio....

I just haaaad to make a fairy bear to "christen" my new work space with fairy dust, magic, sparkle, and glitter, glitter glitter!! You know how that stuff goes eeeeverywhere when you use it hehe, nothing like getting some sparkly glitter into the carpets and corners to really get the magic flowing! And so here is little Elspeth, she is 4 inches tall, made with dusty lilac tipped mohair, hand made posable wings, Swarovski's from top to toe (literally hehe) She is available to adopt through Bear Pile, please click here... Creating her really helped me get settled in my new studio. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and for all your lovely comments, they really mean a lot to me, big bloggy hugs!!


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