December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!
With warm hugs and beary special wishes, Sarah, Pippin and the bears! 

December 21, 2011

December's Teddy Bear Review

I finally received my issue in the post, and I'm in it :) Weeell, I should correct little Jellybelly Bear, Elf Edgar is :) I'm really happy to see him in print and thank Stephanie for putting together another fantastic article.  I love being a soft sculpture artist :-)

Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2011

Poor Pip :(

Well my poor sweet boy ended up back in surgery this last week, he had only just finished with his first surgery to fix the right back legs 5 weeks ago, and suddenly he became lame in the left back leg. The poor thing had torn his cartilage and ligament around the knee to pieces. So we had to do the surgery that was planned for next year on the left leg, now! He has been recovering all week, with a very worried sleep deprived mummy :(

This time around he is less confident about walking, with two new legs! He will get there, I've seen improvement today, day 4, he can take a few steps on his own...but I hope he is well enough for Christmas!

December 7, 2011

December already?

Hasn't the last part of the year flown by! Well it has for me! I was quite ill in October, November saw stressful times as my little dog Pippin had to have surgery one of his back legs. The vet discovered that he had slipped kneecaps on both rear legs, along with a lot of arthritis in his hips and bone spurs, bowed tibias....oh boy, he was in pain but I was a mess with the thought of him needing surgery. Thank goodness he came through just fine, and is now recovering nicely. He will have his other leg fixed next year, I think we both need time to recover!

I also started on my insulin pump, its been a huge adjustment and a lot of work, but I'm going well with it and I already notice a difference in my diabetes control and how well I feel. It is much easier than all of those injections I've been having for close to 17 years! I'm looking forward to a better life with it.

So, have I had any time to create! Not really! I have finished one custom order which I am really pleased with, a kitty fairy called Solstice, I'm considering more fairy dogs and cats now of course, very inspiring working from someone else's ideas at times :)
And, I almost forgot! I had pre-made a little Elf Bear called Edgar months ago to be featured in Teddy Bear Review. And, so, here he is! He has been waiting for the season for a very long time! He is available to adopt now, if you would like to email me, I can send him off to you as quick as can be, hopefully in time for Christmas! Edgar is 3.5 inches tall, he is made from Sassy Plush in shades of green. Edgar is fully cotter pin jointed, and he has black glass eyes and a embroidered and highly glossed nose. He is ready and waiting to enjoy Christmas and also to bring joy to your house throughout the year! 

Edgar has been adopted and is going to live in the USA

Not to forget, I have not remembered to show you my Halloween bears in amongst the kerfuffle of the last months! I have photos below...Little Hagatha, and Jake are still available for adoption, if you are interested, please feel free to contact me at

Jake is a Werewolf! He's not as spooky as he seems and promises he will not bite you, even on a full moon :) He is 4 inches tall, made from mohair and is fully cotter pin jointed. Glass eyes, shiny embroidered nose and delightful fangs, roar!! $150 plus postage costs
Email me at

Hagatha is just under 3 inches tall, she is made from Sassy Plush in pink, she is fully cotter pin jointed, has glass eyes, a Swarovski crystal belly button, and is fully attired in Halloween witch costume. She is a good little witch though, she has her cauldron and her knack for spells, she will bring a little magic into your life no matter what time of year!

Gregor the Gargoyle

Vladimir the Vamp

Well, here comes the end of my very long blog post! I hope you've stayed with me and not nodded off ;) I'm glad to be regaining some normality back into my life, its the catching up that is always difficult. I do hope you have a good time as you shop and decorate for the season, wishing you and yours the very best of times :)

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