March 20, 2015

my all natural, wonder cream...

I've been experimenting with making my own body creams for nearly two years now, learning about the properties of oils, waxes, butters, creating different combinations, trialling recipe after recipe. I began by using eeevery oil I could find, they all sound SO good! I thought they had to be better all together ;-)

Since I'm so sensitive, I ended up using the oils etc straight on my face to learn the exact reactions, how well they absorbed, if I was allergic to any, etc. This recipe has been the best so far, using my favourite oils, the waxes can be interchangeable depending on bee or nut allergy. Its very simple but providing all my skin needs to deeply moisturise, replenish, and lock in moisture.  Less ingredients mean sensitive skin has less to react to, that's always a good thing.

Use on moist skin, straight after shower or bath for best results.  Your skin will be much more receptive to the oils with some water present, but once you add water to any cream or lotion recipe, bacteria begins to breed, so it's best to avoid the need of adding preservatives by following this simple step.  If you find your skin too oily after use, make sure you let it soak in for at least 20 minutes, before blotting with a tissue, and perhaps use less cream next time before trying another blend of oils... Don't give up, every skin is different.

Cream can be used around the eye area and make sure you include the lips! I never use lip balms anymore, this does it all. Hands and feet and unmentionable areas too ;-) I never need body cream anymore, even with my very dry skin and psoriasis, my home made natural soap is enough. (soapy blog post coming soon)

The apricot oil is great for irritated skin, penetrates deep into the skin softening fine lines, the coconut oil is a great anti inflammatory and used extensively for skin sensitivities. The jojoba sinks deeply into the skin, and helps prevent moisture loss, as does the wax, holding that crucial moisture in, so the skin won't dry out so quickly, meaning less lines, wrinkles and premature ageing.  I urge you to do some research on oils, and experiment away, it's very worth it.

My cream has no scent, but still smells pretty good.  It's very very easy. You can substitute the oils if you want, if you keep the ratios of oils and waxes the same you can't really go wrong. For example, I love what rose hip seed oil does for skin... But if I use it too often I become sensitive... However, with the cream I make for my sister I add 10 grams of rose hip oil, and take away 10 grams of the apricot... Easy!   Play around, it's fun. Not everyone's skin is the same and especially if we are sensitive, we all react a little differently.  Olive, almond and macadamia oils are also all amazing and great for sensitive skin.

Most importantly, don't be afraid of oils! They are wonderful, wonderful things, straight from nature. They are cheap, highly available, even on your supermarket food aisle shelves.  Trust me, once you find the right oil or combination for you, they will work so much better than anything you've ever tried for any skin problems and needs... Nature's miracle!

"But oil will make me greasy and give me break out's..." NO! Oils will not clog pores, cause blackheads or pimples! One very big reason these things happen is when our skin is lacking oil!  It super charges oil production creating these problems.  Put the oil in, hey presto, minimal skin problems and breakouts ;-)  If you've tried this kind of method before and had bad results, you may need a heavier or lighter oil. I encourage you to keep trying :-)

Where I buy my ingredients... 

At the supermarket... 

And online, click for link... 

In Australia Aussie Soap Supplies 

In the USA but great prices and cheap shipping Iherb

In the USA Brambleberry

Have fun! x S

Questions? or if you'd like to share your favorite oils, or recipes, please leave a comment :-)

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