May 7, 2010

Josephine, ready to fright!

I haven't made a Lil' Spook in awhile, I was actually making a little panda bear, when I thought, "you'd look much better with fangs and wings" and so...Josephine was born! The just came to me, there is no reference to any Vampirey characters as far as I know....she was not really planned, more one of those creations that just happens for some
Here is the link for more details about adopting her.. My next bear is a planned fairy., glitter, sparkle and frill....I miss it after making...two or three normal bears lol ;)

May 3, 2010

A new Baby Boy!!

Here is little Bobby, a new little baby boy bear. He is 4 inches tall and made with Sassy mini plush, it was interesting working with another fabric, but I'm quite happy with the results and will probably buy some more colours and styles to experiment with. And I will have to make a baby girl bear too :) Here is his link on bear pile, thanks for looking :)

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