November 30, 2014

The Lady of Joy

Whilst daydreaming in my garden, I looked up at the sky at our beautiful moon, I noticed that a jet was flying by in a path that would pass right next to the moon, for what would make an amazing photo opportunity! I live for these moments! Excitedly I ran inside to grab my camera, but of course I was too late :-( I still got a photo of the moon, and the jet, just not together. 

So, I went back to daydreaming....... 

When I looked up again....I saw something mysterious in the sky, almost out of eyesight range, right by the moon, oh my gosh now they were two mysterious objects!  I quickly came to the logical conclusion that they must be alien ship's! 
"Aliens!!!" said Pip, startled from his sniffing.
Seriously, aliens always freaked me out. 

They are one of the earliest fears I remember, well that and Dame Edna, the band Kiss, flying monkeys, anything in a mask or makeup, sheer terror! Lol!
I'm not so terrified of aliens anymore but I still find anything with a mask on disturbing!  Lol! 
OK.... Flying monkeys still scare me.... 

"I'm afraid of gnomes mummy..."  aww...poor baby,  you're just going to have to get over it,  mummy loves her gnomes... Be a good boy and they won't eat you. 

Hehehehe,  I'm not so mean truly. Most of the time... Haha! 

Luckily I had my super zoom camera with me, and discovered it wasn't aliens at all, but eagles! "well, that's a relief! "

Eagles soaring through the sky, how excited, blessed and joyful I felt. They happen to be Wedge Tailed Eagles, the second largest bird in Australia, with a wingspan of up to 2.5 meters and soar to an altitude of 2000 meters! That's amazing!

This came the day after I lost a little baby bird I've been looking after. We heard a lot of squawking one evening, it was a little blackbird, on the grass, fallen from its nest, it's parents trying hard to defend it,  poor cat was hiding, the parents were feirce lol. They kept trying to pick it up, show it how to fly to this branch, then the next. I made nests for it,  kept putting it up higher,  but it preferred the ground. The parents looked after it, fed it, I kept it in what I thought was a safe area of the garden, try as we might, it still ended up jumping in the pond and finding it there dead was horrible, it's mother still hanging around, distressed. It was all so sad...I apologized over and over.
Love is what binds us all together, everything, everyone, if we open our hearts and minds we see it and feel it,  and I can tell you,  it's a true gift to be in tune to this kind of knowing.  I buried the baby in our fur, feather and fin resting place, and cried my tears....

I couldn't help feeling I had failed and could have done a better job at protecting it.  So I sought my Wendy Froud Heart of Faerie Oracle Cards trying to find my lesson so I could move forward, it showed me the Lady of Joy card, which made no sense at the time.

 Fast forward a day and The Eagles brought the meaning to light, life is about the moments, the kindnesses, and joys, not about the end result, but the minutes, the seconds and how we use them. We can all feel joy and share joy....nothing and no gesture is too small to bring joy to the world...the baby gave me joy and a purpose, and though I was so sad it had to leave this world early, feeling loss and sadness isn't a bad thing, in our endless struggle to be happy, we forget that it is a key ingredient to the magical rhythm of feeling joy... the eagles brought it back around again...and I feel it deeply.
Which brings me to the other lesson the little bird taught me, burden and self worth. With been chronically ill, not having independence or control of a lot in my life, I often feel I don't contribute enough in life, my family, my friendships, and the ever-present feeling of being a burden. No one makes me feel this way, it's just part of the mind games chronic illness play. This little bird taught me that it was enough, just being itself, it had its own gifts to bring to the world, even for a short time. I realised that we all play our part in the web of life. I'll carry on doing my bit, whether it's doting on my puppy dog, pottering in my garden or relocating beetles and spiders from inside to outside, it's just as important and is perfectly enough...thank you little birdie 

Love and joy to you all, please share it  x S

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