October 12, 2012

Teddy Bear & Friends!

I was delighted to see my little Christmas bear Jack Frost on the cover of the Christmas issue of Teddy Bear & Friends!!!  We here at Jellybelly Bears are over the moon with the lovely surprise and feel very honoured to be chosen.  What a lovely early present :-)

Its that spooky time of year again!

Halloween is creeping up on us all once again!  And the Halloween Studio Tour is well on its way, come and see my creations, along with some other fabulous artists from around the world! I hope you enjoy trick or treating!!

June 6, 2012

Ursula the Dragon

Well it seems like an age since I've posted anything on my blog!  I guess I've been busy, a little down with illness, but finally I was able to work in my studio again.  I have just completed a little Jellybelly Bear, Ursula the Dragon, she is just 3.3" tall and was born today.  Although I had planned to complete some dragons earlier in the year to celebrate the year of the Dragon, I plan to make at least a few more before the year is out.  I really enjoy creating them, after all, Dragons are one of my favourite animals, not sure if it has anything to do with being born in the year of the Dragon myself ;) 
So, here she is, I hope you'll take a peak on Bear Pile where she is listed for adoption!
Wishing you all a beary magical week, filled with wonder and joy :)

April 6, 2012

March 6, 2012

Thoughts turn to yumminess..

Isn't this the yummy time of year?  Well for me it is....chocolate!!  Need I say more!  The stores are brimming with all sorts of chocolate, my favourite, is the Cadbury cream egg varieties, although I can't seem to find the different flavours they used to have....I remember a white dream type that tasted like it was filled with condensed milk! Yuuuum!!!

Anyway, I have created three new Jellybelly Bears in my "Bearykins" range for the season!  I've been working on custom orders in between the ups and downs of life all year, so I haven't had much time to spend on normal work.  So, I'm super excited to be listing some new creations again, I have signed up for Bear Pile membership again too and I'm thinking of giving Etsy a try since it seems like a fun avenue...but, small steps for now, I tend to overwhelm myself with things I want to accomplish and then get weighed down with reality and time limits very quickly....

So, without further waffling.....

I'll head back to my first point, before I was distracted by, um...chocolate (easy to do, right?) it is nearly Easter time, and of course Easter reminds us of Bunnies!  I love bunny rabbits, they are so cute and sweet and better still, the Easter variety bring chocolate! (there is that word again!) 

Here I have two little additions to the Jellybelly Bears "Bearykins" range..... Candyfloss and Marshmallow. And a little bear has arrived too, Cora, ready to do some Easter egg hunting I'm sure!

If you would like to find out more about these creations and see more photos,  please visit my Bear Pile page. http://www.bearpile.com/artist.cgi?id=1314

Or you can always email me at jellybellybears@yahoo.com.au

Candyfloss ~ Just over 3 inches tall ~ Sassy Plush ~ Glass Eyes ~ Swarovski Crystal Belly Button
I've been Adopted!

Marshmallow ~ Just over 3 inches tall ~ Sassy Plush ~ Glass Eyes ~ Swarovski Crystal Belly Button
I've been Adopted!

Cora ~ Just under 3 inches tall ~ Sassy Plush ~ Glass Eyes ~ Swarovski Crystal headband adornment and Belly Button
I've been Adopted!

Thanks so much for visiting!!

February 29, 2012

Summer ends....Autumn begins...

9pm Wednesday the 29th of February (a leap year!) The last hours of summer are here, well, it certainly felt like summer was over today, it was a chilly 17C!!  Tomorrow will be the first day of Autumn, I really savour watching one season slide into the next...and Autumn, like Spring, is such a  special time....  I love seeing the trees changing colour, the leaves floating so gently to the ground....  Autumn is such a cozy time don't you think....harvest, food, cooking, baking, crafts, thinking about getting our blankets out of storage, and winter clothes...scarfs, boots, jackets, Oh I love all those things!  Well, each season has its fun I guess, I was excited to be back in skirts last December ;)

Anyway....as I look back over summer, we've had some really big adjustments in our lives her at the Medina's.  I guess the two that stick out to me, were the challenges I went through with my dog, and baby, Pippin, and his leg surgeries, I didn't think we would ever pull through, or he would ever run and play as he used to...I tried to keep my optimism high, but it was harder seeing him in pain than it would be if I was suffering I think...  He was such a trouper, and although it was really hard, we got through it, and I can't believe how healthy his is now.  Running and playing, with a new spark in his eye.  Brave little boy, he may be tiny and fluffy, but he has a lot of substance under it all :)

I also started on my insulin pump for my type 1 diabetes.  I've had diabetes for 17 years now, and have always had trouble with my BSL raising and falling too quickly, no matter how I tried, my other health problems (auto immune arthritis and adrenal malfunction) made it all very difficult to manage.  So, I started my insulin pump at the beginning of summer, and although it was a learning curve to begin with, I can't be happier with it, my health, my life, my mood, my sleep, everything has improved to extents I couldn't have dreamed before!  I am SO over the moon happy with it, I couldn't go back to needles.  I have control now...and my BGL are in normal range for huge periods of time...all night I spend in a non diabetic range...amazing!  Who would have though!  Of course I've still got illness problems, but, I've taken a huge step up :)  

Anyway, two big changes in my life, and two happy endings.  I can't believe it and if I could have told myself I would be here now, I don't think I would have believed it back then :)    

So....as this time ends, and a new season begins, I remember the best times from summer....and share some special moments!!! 

Pippin's run 

The summer skies and sunsets....oh, delightful.....

Sitting out after dark, listen to the peace, the magic of the night sky, and the pure joy of watching the fairy lights come on in the garden.....

Summer breezes, Dragonflies and Dandelion Wishes!  I still blow them of course :)

Doing this at the beach.....


Ice cream!  

February 25, 2012

Summer fun!

Well, since I can't tolerate hot weather very well, I usually have a loathing for summer time and heat waves!  But I'm pleased to say, after moving to the country, the weather has been so much kinder!  I've actually enjoyed some good times this season....sitting out late and watching the stars...hearing the crickets chirping....watching the dragonflies fly madly around our pond, dipping their tails in for a splash.....and of course, those delicious cool sea breezes that come through in the afternoon after a hot day, isn't that one of life's blissful moments :)

Here are a few photos from our trip to Beachport, my goodness the water is so beautiful you feel like you are stepping into a picture postcard, it was truly awe inspiring, especially on the scenic cliffs drive.  Pippin loved the beach too, running and playing, he is one happy puppy once again.  And now, I must think about getting back into my soft sculpture work!  I have been quietly working away at some Easter bunny creations, soon to be released!

  Cliffs, scenic drive....

Happy end of Summer time southern hemisphere friends, and winter time to my northern hemisphere friends :)

February 12, 2012

Look who is running again :)

Pippin, that's who! I am over the moon, actually, if you could see my face, it would be very similar to the beaming smile Pip has on his little face. After both his hind legs were operated on late last year, I never thought he would be doing this again any time soon! But, we went to one of his favourite places, and...... just like that, he took off to his Nana who was sitting on a bench.....
and back again to his mummy, isn't he the cutest thing!  I never thought he would run again, he had and still has some major issues....what a brave chap I have, and he is so happy :) :) :) 
 So am I :)

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