February 12, 2012

Look who is running again :)

Pippin, that's who! I am over the moon, actually, if you could see my face, it would be very similar to the beaming smile Pip has on his little face. After both his hind legs were operated on late last year, I never thought he would be doing this again any time soon! But, we went to one of his favourite places, and...... just like that, he took off to his Nana who was sitting on a bench.....
and back again to his mummy, isn't he the cutest thing!  I never thought he would run again, he had and still has some major issues....what a brave chap I have, and he is so happy :) :) :) 
 So am I :)


  1. Those pictures warm my heart.

  2. So good to see!! There's nothing like a happy pup! Congratulations on taking such good care of Pip, it (obviously) shows!

  3. ((Hugs)) Karen and Kay, thank you xx


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