August 21, 2011

Two little Gnomes...

Here she is, Jemima!! At last she joins her brother Gnome in the big wide world. She loved sitting amongst the beautiful flowers today for her photo shoot. It was a gorgeous day today too, very springy :) Please visit her on Bear Pile for adoption details.
Well, my next challenge is to clean my desk! In order to start again and make more mess sewing some new designs, what shall I create this time......
Thanks for looking,

August 16, 2011

One little Gnome....

Here is Jasper, first little Gnome to make it out of the Jellybelly Bears Studio! Gnomes are earth dwellers, and the gardening variety are there to help tend your garden, while you aren't looking of course ;) Jasper can't wait to be adopted into the big wide world and explore new plants and wildlife and make new friends.
Jasper is 3 inches tall, and can be yours for $140 AUD plus postage costs. If you are interested in adopting, here is a link for more information.
Thanks so much,

August 11, 2011

Don't look if you are squeamish!!

Well here is some proof that I am actually a soft sculpture artist, and not only a gardener ;) These little guys are slowly coming together and will hopefully meet the world this weekend as Gnome bears. I adore gnomes, really, I can never choose between faeries, gnomes, elves.....dragons...I love them all, but I have a real earthly connection to gnomes, maybe because I love to garden so much!

So I can't wait to finish these little guys! I just love the colours too....mauve and a light lemon, so pretty, and it will be fun choosing coordinating colours for their clothes :) Well, back to work! Now we need to fill their bellies with stuffing, sew on their ears and make them some clothes and that special Gnome hat that no respectabable ;) Gnome would be seen without!
Here are a couple of piccies of David and Lisa...and the bears waiting with empty tummy's

August 8, 2011

Reminders of Spring....

So....anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my garden, and how depressing it was for me living in a hot climate and unable to grow all the cool climate, now I am in a cool(er) climate I am bursting with delight at seeing my first crocus show its sunny little face :) Along with my mini Daffodils, Jetfire, and Tete a Tete. They are soo cute!! Quite different to jonquils I think. I'm waiting on my anemone's, freesia's and grape hyacinth in my front patch and the rest of the daffs and crocus to flower of course...I'm already planning more bulbs to buy for next years display, somehow I think I'll overdo may just see my bright patch of colour when you look at Australia on google earth maps.....hehe
I loooove country life, sigh, bliss :)
Our lovely Miss Birch has a while to wait yet before she dresses in her swaying green frock for the summer....
I think she is lovely even still....

And my potted colour, keeping things cheery through the winter out in the back, as we work on the garden :)

Well, off for a hot cup of tea, as I listen to the pitter patter of rain on the roof and think some more about what to plant next in my garden, TTFN :)

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