August 11, 2011

Don't look if you are squeamish!!

Well here is some proof that I am actually a soft sculpture artist, and not only a gardener ;) These little guys are slowly coming together and will hopefully meet the world this weekend as Gnome bears. I adore gnomes, really, I can never choose between faeries, gnomes, elves.....dragons...I love them all, but I have a real earthly connection to gnomes, maybe because I love to garden so much!

So I can't wait to finish these little guys! I just love the colours too....mauve and a light lemon, so pretty, and it will be fun choosing coordinating colours for their clothes :) Well, back to work! Now we need to fill their bellies with stuffing, sew on their ears and make them some clothes and that special Gnome hat that no respectabable ;) Gnome would be seen without!
Here are a couple of piccies of David and Lisa...and the bears waiting with empty tummy's


  1. Hehehehehe...Now you made me loose my appetite :D Just kidding! They look so cute even is disassembled state! Huggiesssssssss XXX

  2. LOL!! I think between these and your headless bears we could start up a fun horror show of sorts....hehe Thank you my dear XXXX Hugsies back!!

  3. Ooooooh look at those darling little creatures,
    They look good now, so I can not imagine what they will be like with their hats on.

  4. Hi, sweet friend!
    Happy to see your gnomes progressively getting into life.
    Have fun finishing them!

    Big big hugs...

    PS : I found that pattern I was looking for but could not manage to do it the same way so I worked out my own one...hehehehe.


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