June 29, 2009

Two new bears on Ebay

Bella and Edward, taken from the romantic couple of the Twilight series, Bella was quite shy at first, but Edward won her over, see my web site for more piccies of the two and their first meeting.... http://members.ozemail.com.au/~jbbears/lil'spooks/lil'spooks.htm
Both available on Ebay,


  1. Sarah they are gorgeaus! I still hope to own one of your lil' spooks one day; gutted I can't afford to bid on them.
    Good Luck with the auction!

  2. Thanks so much Julia :) You are so sweet, I'm glad you like them :) big huggies!

  3. awww these are such a cute pair. I'm off to Scotland tomorrow, on our way there we are going to visit Hill Top Farm, the home of Beatrix Potter! Can you imagine how excited I am! I just watched Miss Potter to get in the mood :) I'll think of you when I'm there and take lots of photos to show when I get back. Big Hugs, Cath xx

  4. Check my blog sweetie....I awarded you with a special award :) Hugs, Ellen


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