November 29, 2009

It's that sparkly time of year again :)

Christmas is almost here, my favourite time of year, I decorate our house as soon as December the 1st hits, this year I couldn't help setting up a week early ;) I love this time of year for that magical feeling in the air, plus all that glittery sparkle and tinsel, if I could tinsel my house all year round I would hehe, here are some snaps I just took today starting with our dear angel, she has been the first thing we bring out always, she plays silent night and must be at least 30 yrs old now!

Tinsel, so pretty, so sparkly and shiny :P

Glittery star
one of our seven dwarves
ooooooh, glittery!! Is there anything better than glitter!

Good enough to eat...maybe not ;)

1 comment:

  1. LOVE your angel, can almost hear her singing :) I'm back from the UK and we went and got a tree straight away, love the magic too :) must take some photos. Chat soon, HUGS, Cath xx


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