May 3, 2009

Emily in Fairyland

I was delighted to receive an email from my dear friend Karen today with a photo of some real life fairy mushrooms in her garden, they don't grow where I live so I was excited to see them, but then I saw she had sat my little beary Emily on top :)  I'm sure Emily loved her little play in the enchanted mushrooms, thanks so much for the smile Karen :)


  1. Hi Sarah, yipeee you have a blog :) I'll add your link to my blog. I love this photo. I saw some mushrooms like this for the first time in my life on my trip to the UK last month. You bear suits it perfectly. LOVE the photos of Pip too - she is such a beauty :) HUGS, Cath x

  2. I've never seen a fairy mushroom. I thought it was a prop until I read your story. How very cute.


  3. Hi Cath :) I'll add you too. Pippin is a boy haha ;) But I don't blame you for the mistake since I dress him in pink hehe xx
    Marlys, isn't it beautiful!! I usually use pop out books to capture mushrooms, I wish they grew here where I live! xx

  4. Wow ,how gorgeous is this photo,the bear is so sweet and love that mushroom .
    I have added your blog link to mine Sarah ,hugs,
    Louise x

  5. So glad you liked the pic, I should get off my butt and make a fairy to sit on them before they disappear lol. And wow I LOVE the background and your header- gah you are sooooo clever girly!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    What a magical photo of Emily sitting on the mushroom.
    That is such a lovely photo and sweet bear.

    Have a great day

  7. Fabulous.....they are a perfect match :o)

  8. I love this bear! She is so pretty...
    I hope she did not eat any little piece of that mushrom she is sitting on. If this is the mushrom I am thinking it is, it is a very dangerous one. We name it "Amanite tue-mouches" in French. "tue" means kills and "une mouche" is a fly...

    Lots of love,

  9. Awww, really, I suppose thats why the fairies use them for houses because there is less chance of humans eating them lol
    Karen, lol, you taught me how to use this program remember lol ;)


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