April 30, 2009

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Pippin......

Hi, and a big Welcome to my blog!  Here you will find scribbles about my favourite things, what is keeping me happy and enthusiastic about life.  My teddy bear art will feature, along with craft, photography, web fun and of course, my puppy Pippin :)
Enjoy!  Sunny Smiles, Sarah


  1. Sarah, I'm so glad to see you blogging. You're so very talented and I know you have much to share. Of course, you know I love your Pippin. Such a pretty boy.

    Hugs, Marlys

  2. Welcome to blogland, Sarah! Your Pippin is absolutely gorgoeus - no wonder you rave about him! I'd love to trade links mine is www.duffyantiques.blogspot.com - I'm off to add you to my links!



  3. WooHoo you have launched {{{{hugs}}}} Welcome to the blogosphere babe :oD

  4. Hi Marlys, thanks so much, I love your doggies too, Pollyanna is such a sweetheart, I want to reach through the computer and steal her hehe ;)
    Thanks Brenda :) I'm glad you understand my doting on my puppy hehe
    Hi Rosey, ((hugs back)) blogsphere, that sounds scary :/ lol

  5. Your Pip is such a handsome boy, what gorgeous pictures of him! and Yay to your blog! we can keep at each other to keep them updated now! lol

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Welcome to Blogland and I love the design you have created for your blog.

    Pippin is such a sweetie and must be a lot of fun.


  7. It is great you have that blog. I love seing photos from you.
    Your doggy Pippin is such a little beauty! I hope he is very well.
    I finaly manage to comment on your blog, but only from a PC (my Mac would not accept, whatever the browser I use, doh!). So I dropped here while Malko is away, hehehehehehehe!
    Lots of love,

  8. Thanks so much Carolyn, Karen and Sophie too :) I'm so glad you finally found a way to get your comments to work Sophie hehe ;)

  9. Ah, Sarah, when I look at your profile, more and more I realize just how alike we are, almost intuitively.

    I 'came here' via your link to the critters and teddy bears competition... this blog is delightful and your photos of Pippin exquisite. I feel I can almost reach out and touch him. He is a lucky pup to have you....

    Take care dear little Sis,


  10. Awwwww, thanks Karen, ((huggies)) I am lucky to have him lol, my little baby boy :)


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