May 20, 2015

another win for turmeric ginger tea (golden milk)

We are well into autumn in Australia,  and a few days ago another virus-bug-cold-cootie type thing tried to take over me, and again, with nature's help, I won! hehe! That's Sarah-3, cooties-0 so far! I know I gotta stop this gloating or I'll jinx myself!

Anyway, I followed my natural healing protocol and instead of feeling worse each day,  I felt better each day.  I used to be bad in a tearful, I'm dying way, (no, I'm not just a wimp, I used to feel great shame in how bad I felt, but I've realised in the last year how incredibly strong I am and have always been, dealing with so much, two organs that don't work  at all and multiple chronic illnesses, a virus to fight was always over over over kill...) so, now, with my new regime I just feel bad, not extremely-emely-emely bad ... Plus no doctors, no waiting for appointments, no 100's dollars spent at the chemist, no antibiotics, no spreading to lungs and and and....MONTHS of illness followed by awful flares and more disability... It just went POOF! And I could pretty much do something at home each day instead of feel myself slipping into a mucusy hole of mucus, pain, dispair and ickydom. Yes that IS a word!


THE NEXT POINT OF THIS POST IS....I've not really healed completely in my gut, stomach, esophagus from the 20 yrs of harsh medications I was taking for my autoimmune diseases, or the 36 yrs of antibiotics, PLUS I still have to take 10 mg of prednisolone daily for my Addison disease which still plays havoc on my gut lining, I still have tummy issues, and I may always.  It does go away at times, but comes back, its no where near as bad as it was previously, before my healthy life changes, but I still get the gnawing uncomfortable something lives in there kind of feeling, swallowing can be difficult and nausea.  BACK TO THE POINT, IT ALL WENT AWAY WHILE I WAS SICK AND DRINKING MY TURMERIC TEA. AND now I've stopped for a day, the pain is back!! Gasp!! Light bulb moment! I researched again and yep, turmeric helps heal the gut! I take curcumin and ginger supplements daily, but this tea seems to settle everything down WAY more! Probably as it touches all the inflamed parts as I drink it  down. Capsules miss the initial tubing and dissolve in the stomach.

Also my pain and inflammation was less when I drink it, and I slept like a baby! I'm sleeping like I've never slept before on my beautiful healthy whole foods diet, but this was even better... Sleep is good, I'm still catching up on the many many years of only two hours sleep a night, so, yeah! That's huge for me!

Let's not forget how amazing the ginger is too! 

Before you say you can't eat spicy food... I was always one of those people who could never eat spicy food... Even tomato hurt my stomach, I had it all, GI irritation, GERD and IBS...  Food allergies, medications, then PPI's and antacids for the GI problems all contributed. Now I'm eating the right food for me and stopped a huge percentage of the damaging medications I was on, my stomach is much more balanced and healing. So, spicy doesn't hurt me now. I eat everything and the spice is doing what it is made to do... Wonderful healing things! Joy, joy happy happy, I love it!!

I fancy a curry now...Hehe!   I do recommend you do everything slowly and LISTEN to your body, use your common sense.... but I've lived my whole life in such discomfort and sickness... I'm going to shout the stuff that helps me from the rooftops if I can!  It stuff that is working for me, I will never share anything that I've not tried and tested.

Stay well friends, we have more power than we've ever been lead to believe!

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  1. Ickyness, totally is a word! I wondered what Golden Milk was and now I know I will have to give that go before they shovel anymore anti-acids down me :) xxx


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