August 31, 2014

Happy Anniversary To Me :-)

My Anniversary Pie, full of healing ingredients, raw, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, full of taste and scrumminess!

I followed the recipe from here, but used maple syrup instead of the agave and powdered sugar.

As we say goodbye to winter here, my year is also up, it was a year ago when I wrote my first blog post and made the decision to dedicate the rest of my life to healing myself through holistic means instead of tried and failed conventional methods. It has meant not only eliminating sooo much from my diet but bringing in healing to every part of my life...mind, body, spirit.  Was it easy, nope, did I think I couldn't do it, nope ;-) . I've always had undeniable faith in myself and my ability but I still had to come to terms with my situation perhaps getting a lot worse without intense medical treatment. I was ok with that, I was at peace with all and life's cycle when I made my decision.

Sitting here a year later, I feel like a new person, in every way, feeling on top of the world, I live each moment in happiness of how well I feel compared to how I used to feel, each new thing I'm able to do, is a cause for celebration, I cant help it, I'm blown away with the impact its made on me, even if I'm having a bad day I'm still happy, I realise it part of the process of healing now, my body is talking to me, I have learned to listen! I've still got a long way to go, but, its been SO worth all the effort, learning, tweaking, trying again, researching, brainstorming with like minded friends, tweaking and trying some more....I'm still going too, I don't think this process will ever stop, but I'm ok with that, I enjoy every minute.

So, I was so happy and loved that other pie so much...I made another pie....with strawberries! 

The theme song that's been running through my head the whole year has been Jon Bon Jovi's, Never Say Die chorus, ...yeah long time BJ fangirl its The Carpenter's, On top of the World one of my favourite songs since I was 7....I love life, I love our earth and its universe, I love my family and friends, I appreciate everything, so much, I love being me, always, but especially at this moment in time, one year I have never once lost my determination, I DID IT!!!  And I'm unashamedly super proud of myself!

For the year ahead, I want to keep moving forward of course, I want to keep sharing the methods that have worked for me and hopefully help people who are in my old situation or want to start living this way of life but don't know how, it can be so overwhelming to begin this journey, added to the mix doctors or even friends or family who don't take it seriously or fight you on your decision. I know I wish I'd started years ago, but it was overwhelming, I was so sick I couldn't even think of how to begin.....I know there are already loads of help sites blogs etc out there, but we are all links of a powerful chain of hands, helping each other...

I already have a group on Facebook where we chat about things to do with healing
Healing in the Kitchen

well, I can't wait to see what happens next, -things I can't even imagine-, so my spirit guide tells me and I have trust in her...

Thanks for reading....


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