July 12, 2014

wintry stirrings...

I love this time of year, just after Yule, still a chilly month or two of winter to come but the earth is beginning to stir and the wake up.  Whenever I see the bulbs emergeing from their slumber, I am always reminded of one of my favourite childhood books, The Secret Garden.
I remember reading this book for the first time when I was about 10 or 11, I have a memory of sitting outside reading it on a cool sunny spring day, feeling the wind stirring around me and feeling so much as I read, words on paper described the wonder, magic and love I felt in the garden and around nature.

I got this book one day in the supermarket with my mum and granny, the book was in a centre aisle bin full of books, I asked mum if I could have it, she said "no", haha, and so my granny bought it for me, funny the things we remember huh 
We are having a very chilly winter and night tonight, I love looking down the hill of our street and seeing everyone's house lights, cozy.  Let's hope I can see the full moon tonight!

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