January 10, 2014

Pretty Pansy..

Pressing flowers, it's something I used to enjoy doing as a child, I haven't thought about it for a long while but I used to love my little flower press, I think my mum bought it for me from one of those book catalogues we found in magazines (not sure if those places still exist, but its what we did for book bargains before the internet lol)   I used to press all sorts of flowers, even sour sobs hehe, I made bookmarks and decorate lavender bags and all sorts. The little book that cane with my press had ideas and other information, such a small thing but I used it a lot, I loved and still love my books and stuff...
So, in an effort to keep my spirits at their highest this past week to cope with feeling poorly again, I decided to think back to simple happies, coinciding with our first heat wave arriving and probable crisping of my pansy plants, I decided to get picking and pressing! 
I went out in the beautiful sunny breezy morning -delishious, I love fresh country mornings! Making sure I thanked the flower faeries, (and left some for them too, they are at the height of their clothes making season after all!), I collected quite a pile of beautiful blooms.  
Pansies have the flower meaning "think of me", which is special to me today because it's been one year today that my dog Kira went over the rainbow bridge.  I have been thinking of her a lot.
Place them spaced out on absorbent paper, I used the old fashioned technique, between heavy books, simple, enjoyment, nothing too hard or serious here.
 Pile them up to squish the flat and load up the fat books on top, quite an impressive tower I have hehe
 I can't wait to see them dried out and pressed ready to use in some art journal pages, and perhaps a bookmark or two.

x Sarah

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  1. Yet another thing in common :) just yesterday I was looking at a yellow primrose I had pressed back in the Summer, amazingly the plant is still flowering... No frost yet! Can't wait to see your pansies pressed. Take it easy, hope your health gets better soon, big flower hugs, Cath xx


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