November 24, 2013

easy to make almond milk

Almond milk, its delicious, and a great alternative to cows milk. It taste great on its own, and I also use it in tea, coffee, cereal, cream, the list goes on.  Considering store bought is quite expensive, it is full of additives, the taste is quite bad in comparison to home made, and the biggie, they usually only use 2% almonds! I weighed this out, and it turned out to be a very very small amount of real almonds in each store bought litre!  In Australia the usual cost is about $4 a litre! Mine costs about $1 a litre and has much more almond in it, is tastier, more nutritious and is so easy to make!

My hands are quite bad from arthritis, so, I can't do the usual cheesecloth squeeze required in many almond milk recipes.  So, I came up with this easy method.

1 cup almonds

Step 1 measure out 1 scant cup of almonds and soak them for 24 hours or so.

Step 2 blend them up with a cup of water for 2 minutes 

Step 3 strain through a sieve and collect milk in a bowl

Step 4 soak out even more milk from almond meal in a separate bowl and pour through sieve again.
You can repeat this several times, depending on how thin you like your milk.  I keep going until I get two and a half litres.

Step 5 squeeze as much liquid out of the meal as you can and let it dry for a couple of days.  You can use your clean hands if you like and squueze, I can't make my hand into a fist, so I use my spatula, then the back of my hand to mix about and press down into the sieve. It still dries up nicely even if its a little wet...just takes a little longer.  I do ask for help with this part generally, to get the meal drier, but I can do it on my own if need be.

Step 6 yummy almond milk!  

Thank you Linda Benson for the original recipe and inspiration to make my own :-) 


  1. Hi Sarah! This sounds really yummy indeed !
    What do you do with the dry part left ?

    1. Hi Sophie :-) I use the almond meal in many recipes now, its a good to add crunch to biscuits, and pie bases, even cakes. It beats buying it, its so much cheaper this way. Big hugs back xxx Sarah


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