March 14, 2013

Some new creations looking for a home....

Hi friends,
Its been a long time since I've created any new little Jellybelly Bears, so I'm super excited to show you my new soft sculpture releases, inspired by a fun winged cat commission I completed last year for a beary lovely lady. 
(Please click pictures to view larger size)

Rhubarb, a pixie kitten, mad about rhubarb crumble with loads of cream!  Of course I found her in the rhubarb plant, I'm sure that's where she got her colouring :-)  Rhubarb has been adopted :-)

Pupcake, a pixie puppy, I found him in the garden trying to play with the snails!  He gave that up as soon as I tempted him with a homemade cupcake, which he mispronounced as, yes, you got it, ......pupcake 
Pupcake has been Adopted

Custard, a little pixie kitten, named after her sweet colours and because she insists on eating every meal with her favourite food, custard, of course :-)
Custard has been adopted:-) 
*Custard is a teensy bit taller than the others 

Please feel free to email me if you'd like to adopt or ask any questions.

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  1. Yay....I love all three of them, as you know very well. I love the names you picked for them as well <3 Lots of hugs to you my cherished friend :)

  2. So good to see new critters from you, Sarah!!! And they are definitely your "babies", bright and cheerful! Still want, want, want to see your version of a Krampus though... :}

  3. Thank you so much my dear friend Ellen <3 xx

    Thank you so much Karen! Guess what, I found the fur, it is in progress hehe, I've been collecting pictures from Google lol. I've only been sewing again this past 3 weeks, so its all a buzz at the moment, I'll write to you soon xx


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