June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Pippin!!

It's my darling boy's birthday!! Happy Birthday Pippy :) He is truly such a joy in my life, I know I'm probably sounding like one of those silly women who overcompensates with their dogs for lack of having children of their own, and I guess I am LOL, but....I really couldn't have asked for a better puppy than my cute little Pip. He is my constant companion, makes me laugh daily with his antics and provides inspiration for my designs too. I made an apple slab cake and cut him a small piece so I could give him his candles and birthday wish and he could dive right in, he was crying for his cake by the end of the song (yes we sang hehe) I wonder what he wished for........
Pippin, 3 years ago when we first met :) Can't believe he was ever so small!!


  1. That is SO adorable... he was SOOOO tiny!!!

    He such a cutie... congrats on such a good boy :)

    I have serious dog envy, I've wanted one for years but have been living in apartments and working 8 hour days, which just doesn't seem fair to put a puppy through... I wonder how people do it. Puppy daycare?

  2. Hi sweet Sarah!

    I miss your emails...
    Happy birthday to your adorable Pippin!
    I hope your health is fine. I always get worried when you stay over one week without giving news, fearing you are unwell.

    Sending you big big hugs and to Pippin too!

  3. Cumpleaños Feliz, cumpleaños feliz.............cumpleaños feliz!!!!!
    Es adorable!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Hi Heather, wasn't he so tiny hehe, I remember that day perfectly, he was the first puppy that was put in my hand and even when I looked through the rest of the litter, he was the most perfect little boy so I placed a hold on him ;) It was meant to be, it gets weirder... I decided I wanted a Papillon one day, I looked on the computer the next and there was a litter due that week, that next morning I rang the lady and guess what, Pip had just been born that night!!
    They are really worth it Heather, but I think a little dog like Pip would fret if he was left alone, other types of breeds are ok with some alone time. And if you get two ;) you don't have to worry about it at all as they keep each other company lol My sister puts her dog in puppy daycare, I kid you not ;) hehe xx

  5. Hi sweet Sophie :) Thank you :) And I have just written you an email ;) I have been meaning to for awhile now! XX

    Hola Acension, Muchas gracias :) XX

  6. HAPPPPPPPY belated Birthday Pippin, how time flies! Cath xxx

  7. hehe, I know!!!! Pippin says thank you Aunty Cath :) xx


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