February 3, 2010

Little Pip on Bear Pile

Here is a new Bearykin, available to adopt on Bear Pile, his name is Pip, after my little dog Pippin. Somebody told me that my bears look a lot like my dogs little face, I suppose I'm not the only artist with a furkid to be inspired by their little bundle of fluff :) Funnily enough, years ago, our only family dogs were Jack Russells and until I adopted my little boy Papillon 2 years ago, I used to make bears with much longer muzzles and smaller eyes. I have often wondered over the last year why I changed my style from bears that look older in age, to much younger baby cute bears.....now I realise my little Pippin pooch is to blame :) I love making wee babe bearykins though and really think the change did my creative spirit good, thank you Pippin :)

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