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I have always enjoyed my sweets, baking, creating recipes.  Of course, now I am eating a plant based diet, it's exciting to know that I can make cakes, slices, ice creams, even vegan cheesecakes, in a healthy way!  They are not bad for me, but make up an important part of my daily nutritional needs.  The best thing, is there is no guilt attached when eating them, no animals are needed for these treats, no cruelty, to them, or myself. They aren't going to do my internal body or figure a disservice and they won't make me feel ill after eating them.  After one year of eating treats like this daily, and my cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, inflammation and stress levels are all dramatically lower.  

Eating sweet treats makes us feel good, that's why we want to eat them, it isn't a bad thing to want to eat nice things, and by going back to natures first source of sweets and making each recipe with whole food, plant based ingredients, we make sure we are eating them the right way, as nature intended.  All my old sweet cravings, overeating, eating for the sake of eating have stopped.  Now I eat them for pleasure, to feel happier, more energetic and for my health and daily nutritional needs.


My Favourite Chocolate Slice

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Brownies

Lemon Tart

Bliss Balls

Peanut Crunch Biscuits

Ginger Biscuits


Pumpkin Pie

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