I love everything about cooking, baking, and food. I love my kitchen, my pantry filled with ingredients, my cupboards filled with mixing bowls, cookie cutters, pots, plates and bowls, appliances, the list goes on and on.  Of course, being a vegan, on a whole food plant based diet, it's been so exciting to expand my knowledge, my skills, my taste buds, and completely change my kitchen into a colourful, vibrant, nutritious wonderland, where everything I make and put into my mouth each day is benefiting my well being, and the planets well being too.

  Food and my kitchen is now a guilt free zone, which has helped immensely with my relationship with food and with myself and how I am connected to the web of life around me, now and into the future.  No animals are needed for any of my cooking, no cruelty, to them, or myself.  My health is so finely balanced, that every bite I take has to count in a nutritious, healing and positive way.  

The food I eat tastes good, is exciting to create and eat, makes me feel fantastic, gives me energy, heals the damage in my body from a lifetime of chronic auto immune illness. I have never felt so peaceful, never slept so well, or been so happy with my life in general.

I hope you enjoy some of my favourite recipes.


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