December 30, 2013

New Year Blessings

Its been nearly 5 months since I decided to include coconut oil in my diet, over that first month I slowly made the choice to switch my whole way of eating around, stopping dairy, gluten, refined sugar, processed foods, I hadn't eaten red meat since my early 20s and so I cut out chicken this year too. Its been an exciting journey, I thought I knew a lot about food to begin with, and was proved wrong very quickly, it didn't dishearten me, but made me want to fight more for what I believed in. I don't think the learning will ever end, or the work, but its always been enjoyable and knowing I'm doing something good for me, healing myself keeps me motivated.

I don't think my enthusiasm has ever dipped, even though my many auto immune conditions that have plagued me since I was a teenager are still present, they have been easier to cope with.  Even when my joints are flaring and pain depression creeping in, my inner motivation is still there, I know I'm on the right track. I'm sleeping well, I used to only sleep in two hour bursts a few times a night with lots of pain in between, lots of exhaustion tears! Now once a week of no sleep is the norm. I've got more energy, my blood sugars are more stable, my steroid needs for my adrenal gland failure is down, because the overall stress on my system is down. I believe I will keep getting better, maybe not steadily, the rollercoaster of life will still happen, but, overall, a year from now, I know I will be better than this point in my life now.

I will never go back to eating the old way, its natural now, eating as much bread, dairy, chocolate etc, as I used to is not normal anymore, the though process of reaching for those things in the pantry is gone, so its definitely easier to keep on this path than I ever thought it would be at the start.

For me, its not been solely about what I put in my mouth either, 5 years ago, after my medical team had spent the previous 14 years either nearly killed me, or making me feel so bad I was asking for death, lol, I decided to wean off many of my damaging medications, I began learning, introducing natural medicine to my life, plus, daily yoga, and meditation, beginning with one stretch a day! It has taken me this long, many ups and downs, but my perseverance has never wavered and it has again worked miracles, not only am I able to walk unaided around the house but in my best times I can walk my beloved dogs, and I did the unimaginable yesterday, I sat on a pony! If I could have glimpsed in to the future 5 years ago I'd have never imagined it, yes, all the hard work and determination has worked.

Yesterday when I sat on the pony, oh my did it hurt and tear at every part of me that was already damaged, inflamed and hurting, walking was hard after! I thought I would come home, bath and bed, but my inner self instructed me, yoga!!!  And so I did, and I kept moving, and although I'm worse today, I will keep moving, and stretching and strengthening. I was so impressed that I had built up such core and muscle strength to get up there from the mounting steps! I have dreams that I feel can be reached now, never in a rush, I will steadily keep working hard incorporating healing foods, natural medicine, yoga, meditation, stress reduction, the best friends, family and lots of animal friends <3 p="">
Happy New Year everyone!!!!  Wishing you a bright, happy, healthy and blessed 2014 <3 p="">


  1. Good for you, Sarah. My doctor recently told me to switch to coconut oil for everything, and she's been telling me for years to cut out sugar and bread, etc. Glad you're feeling better.

    1. Thank you! That is wonderful that your doctor has such great advice. I hope you have a happy and healthy 2014 my friend :-)

  2. Sarah your post is inspiring. I know the slowly, slowly approach. It works and if you have a goal infront of you, you will eventually get there.
    Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy the days that you can.
    Hugs Kay

  3. Hi sweet Sarah!
    I am in awe for you! You are so brave! You are doing so well with your new diet and life strategy... Way to go! And maybe in a few years you will be fit enough to visit me in France. You will have to take coconut oil with you as we do not find it here. And you will be my cooking teacher while here for I do not want to get you sick with non healthy cooking. lots of love.


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